The Comedy and Productions of Rahmein Mostafavi

Purchase Policy

Hi Friends.
Because of the nature of live events, I cannot offer refunds after purchase.  Especially because most shows sell out and refunding tickets after SOLD OUT is posted, could make reselling them very difficult.  ALSO, becuse it's a live event, there's a risk that the advertised talent will not be able to appear as scheduled.  THIS IS RARE, but things happen; weather issues, personal emergenies, etc.  In these cases, I will always try to replace the scheduled talent with an equivelently hilarious person, although I understand that this can sometimes be disappointing in cases where the Headliner is a famous person that you were coming out for specifically,  In these rare circumstances, I will offer refunds, or exhanges.  Finally, relax everyone, I'll take care of you. 

Be nice,